Local Green Belt landscape at risk

Land for sale: green belt floodplain Feb 2014

Land at Greenlands Farm has been offered for sale as a 'strategic development opportunity', despite being Green Belt, working floodplain, a potential mineral zone, and an important element of Thames riverside landscape. This is part of the remaining farmland which separates Weybridge from Walton -- a significant piece of local countryside, with traditional hedgerows and field pattern. The farmland helps define the local landscape, and is … [Read more...]

Speeding traffic – local action needed?

Speeding traffic has been an issue for many years in Portmore Park, and it remains an issue.  Is it time for residents to act again? Traffic calming was introduced after pressure from local residents and from this Association. It helped slow traffic  (there were some serious injury accidents here in the 1990's, but not since).  It was followed eventually by a 20mph limit in the Portmore Park Road / Thames Street area. But too much traffic … [Read more...]

Double yellow lines in Thames Street

Double yellow lines in Thames Street, Weybridge

Double yellow lines are appearing in places where they may not be needed: notably on Thames Street opposite St George's Junior School.  Many residents feel that single yellows with no waiting at school drop-off times are all that's required here. PP&DRA has long campaigned to have double yellow lines on dangerous corners, where they are essential to give safe visibility -- especially around the junction of Grotto Road with Thames … [Read more...]

Gravel pit threat persists


Millions of tons of gravel and aggregate sit below our local Green Belt, and Surrey County Council have parts of north Weybridge earmaked as Potential Mineral Zones, labelled PMZ22 and PMZ23. Quite rightly, these sites have been rejected at successive reviews of which PMZs to excavate, for access and landscape reasons. But Surrey has to  meet targets for gravel extraction, and has regular PMZ reviews, so residents of Weybridge are wise to be … [Read more...]