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39 Thames Street - 2007/2556 & 2579

UPDATE: These applications were refused by Elmbridge Borough Council following many local objections.  However, the Elmbridge refusal of 2007/2579, for 14 dwellings, was overturned on appeal by the Planning Inspectorate.

Along with many local residents, we objected to the town planners about these plans for 39 Thames Street.  Two proposals for the Crest House 39 Thames Street site were submitted to Elmbridge as planning applications. The applications were refused after over 70 letters of objection were received.  View PP&DRA letters of objection and the grounds for refusal.

Following their rejection, the developers have appealed. The outcome of the appeal may have a significant impact on this area.  See also our letters in response to the appeal:  Objection to the 55 flats appeal - Objection to the 14 houses appeal

Plan 1: 55 flats & underground car park Application 2007/2556

This would build 55 flats (17 of them affordable homes), with underground parking for 36 residents’ cars, and surface parking for 19 residents’ cars. Total floor area would be 4036sqm. The current offices are 1700sqm. It would squeeze in a massive block of flats, wholly out of keeping with the residential surroundings, with 2.37 times the floor area of the current building. Visitor parking would be out on the street. Elmbridge BC is short of affordable housing, but that does not begin to make a plan like this acceptable.

Application 2007/2556 for 55 Flats


Plan 2: 14 homes Application 2007/2579

This would comprise 9 “two-and-a-half storey” houses (3 detached, 2 semis, 4 terraced) with garages, and 5 flats. On-site parking for 29 cars. Total floor area 2676sqm (1.57 times the current floor area). This is better than previous applications, but the plans are for tall, cramped buildings out of character with the surroundings. Some tree removal, particularly on the SW of the site to create parking spaces, would badly affect the privacy of neighbouring properties. Trees matter: We welcome the recognition by the developers that trees around the boundary are important to the site, but would like to see the retention and preservation of the trees guaranteed.

Application 2007/2579 for 14 Homes


Reasons for previous refusal

A previous application for 14 houses was turned down 1/ on grounds of change of use, and 2/ for being cramped and incongruous, with excessive massing, inadequate separation, inappropriate design and layout distances causing overlooking, inadequate rear garden depths, general overdevelopment of the site giving an unsatisfactory residential environment, with loss of trees and hedges exacerbating the effect on adjoining properties. See our 2005 letter to the planners

A second application was rejected for similar reasons, as cramped, with excessive height, at odds with surrounding residential development, not attractive, with loss of hedges a detriment to the character and amenity of the area. See our 2006 letter to the planners


Our 2007 letters to the planners



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