Weybridge parking review survey announced

SCC Weybridge Parking Review Survey 776x598

Surrey County Council Parking team have now released information about the Weybridge Parking Review, and are asking stakeholders to give their views in an online survey.  Local residents, businesses and others with interest in local parking can contribute to the survey until 17 January, via the link included below.  PPDRA is one of the organisations SCC list as a consultee.  Here is the text of the SCC email: From: Adrian Harris On Behalf … [Read more...]

Survey 2015: What do you want for Weybridge?

PPDRA is conducting a survey of local residents' concerns and wishes for Weybridge, to help us continue to reflect local views. Our Survey 2015 covers: Weybridge Town Centre - how to make it more attractive to visit. Parking - on-street and off-street provision. Traffic through residential areas - volume and speed, and how to manage it. Public riversides, green spaces and footpaths - appreciation, concerns and wishes. Other local … [Read more...]

Portmore Park & District Annual Residents Meeting – 3 Nov 2015

Residents of north Weybridge are invited to share views at our Portmore Park & District Residents Annual Meeting Meet other residents and local councillors Tuesday 3 November, 7:30 for 8:00 pm St Charles Borromeo School Hall, Christ The Prince Of Peace (Portmore Way) 7:30 – Chat and light refreshments 8:00 – Hear about and discuss local matters which affect our community We will also briefly conduct the formal business of the PPDRA … [Read more...]

2015 Weybridge CIL Funding Applications – PPDRA Responses

The 2015 Weybridge Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) round includes some very significant applications for funding. All such applications require very careful consideration, and the committee of PPDRA has had extensive discussions over which to support in the Elmbridge CIL consultation. Three applications in particular stand out, for different reasons. Two (Broadwater Path and Broadwater) are for projects which have received a lot of … [Read more...]

OPINION: Parking in Weybridge

Parking is a hot topic for our part of Weybridge. Many residents and traders feel there are simply not enough spaces near the town centre. Limited availability of off-street parking is a major factor, and PPDRA and others have been pressing for improvements. What should Elmbridge Borough Council be doing? GUEST OPINION: The first in a series of guest opinion pieces. The following article expresses the views of the author, and does not … [Read more...]

Weybridge parking review – hope on hold?


People hoping for early action on chronic parking issues which afflict some roads in Weybridge may be disappointed at new plans from Surrey. The idea is sound – a strategic parking review looking at needs as well as restrictions, seeking to free up spaces – but the timing and interim arrangements have left some residents feeling badly let down. Despite previous talk of Weybridge getting an early review, we have been moved down the queue, … [Read more...]

Surrey Flooding Task Group Report

Surrey County Council has released the findings and recommendations of its Flooding Task Group, which was commissioned by the Environment & Transport Select Committee to  investigate the impacts of the recent flood events that affected Surrey in December 2013 and early 2014.  The report focuses on areas most affected by floods, not mentioning Weybridge. Portmore Park & District residents may wish to consider local implications  of the … [Read more...]

Double yellow lines in Thames Street

Double yellow lines in Thames Street, Weybridge

Double yellow lines are appearing in places where they may not be needed: notably on Thames Street opposite St George's Junior School.  Many residents feel that single yellows with no waiting at school drop-off times are all that's required here. PP&DRA has long campaigned to have double yellow lines on dangerous corners, where they are essential to give safe visibility -- especially around the junction of Grotto Road with Thames … [Read more...]

Gravel pit threat persists


Millions of tons of gravel and aggregate sit below our local Green Belt, and Surrey County Council have parts of north Weybridge earmaked as Potential Mineral Zones, labelled PMZ22 and PMZ23. Quite rightly, these sites have been rejected at successive reviews of which PMZs to excavate, for access and landscape reasons. But Surrey has to  meet targets for gravel extraction, and has regular PMZ reviews, so residents of Weybridge are wise to be … [Read more...]