Estate agents’ signs a blight?


Are all those estate agents’ signs that line our local roads really what they seem? Or are they just free advertising, exploiting the goodwill of residents and councils? Some councils ban such signs entirely. Elmbridge Borough Council seems to be more lenient. Two signs have been displayed prominently in Thames Street, Weybridge, attached to a telegraph pole on private land, for 15 months after the advertised properties were sold and … [Read more...]

Landmark Weybridge building at risk


A local landmark building in Church Walk, with a significant history as the first generating station for electric street lighting in England, is at risk. Its fanlight windows with elegant arched brickwork on three aspects are key visual features in the local street scene, as are its traditional proportions, and its courtyard with an open view to the River Wey. All these would be lost if the proposed new design as set out in planning … [Read more...]

Excavated basements — good or bad?


A planning application for an excavated basement in Oakdale road, Weybridge, has raised some significant questions and divided views.  Extending a house downwards has less impact on the street scene than a traditional extension, once completed. But the work of construction is a major undertaking that can disrupt local life for months. London Boroughs have found unexpected problems during basement construction, resulting in prolonged projects, … [Read more...]

Weybridge parking review – hope on hold?


People hoping for early action on chronic parking issues which afflict some roads in Weybridge may be disappointed at new plans from Surrey. The idea is sound – a strategic parking review looking at needs as well as restrictions, seeking to free up spaces – but the timing and interim arrangements have left some residents feeling badly let down. Despite previous talk of Weybridge getting an early review, we have been moved down the queue, … [Read more...]

School buys local Green Belt land

Aerial photo of St Georges Junior Land Purchase

St George's Junior School has completed the purchase of the adjacent Green Belt land at Greenlands Farm -- part of the remaining riverside farmland between Weybridge and Walton -- which had been offered for sale as a 'strategic development opportunity'. Ownership by the school looks to be a significantly better outcome, in terms of impact on our local community,  than the land being sold to a property developer or to someone interested in … [Read more...]

Surrey Flooding Task Group Report

Surrey County Council has released the findings and recommendations of its Flooding Task Group, which was commissioned by the Environment & Transport Select Committee to  investigate the impacts of the recent flood events that affected Surrey in December 2013 and early 2014.  The report focuses on areas most affected by floods, not mentioning Weybridge. Portmore Park & District residents may wish to consider local implications  of the … [Read more...]

Local Green Belt landscape at risk

Land for sale: green belt floodplain Feb 2014

Land at Greenlands Farm has been offered for sale as a 'strategic development opportunity', despite being Green Belt, working floodplain, a potential mineral zone, and an important element of Thames riverside landscape. This is part of the remaining farmland which separates Weybridge from Walton -- a significant piece of local countryside, with traditional hedgerows and field pattern. The farmland helps define the local landscape, and is … [Read more...]