Meeting with Surrey County Councillor Tim Oliver, 20 Sept 2017


Issues that matter for Weybridge residents were the topic of a useful meeting between local residents' groups and the Surrey County Councillor for Weybridge, on 20 September. Clr Tim Oliver met with representatives of local residents groups in Weybridge, including the Weybridge Society, Portmore Park & District RA and Triangle Residents. In advance of the meeting, PPDRA circulated a list of Surrey-related things that concern residents … [Read more...]

Weybridge 10K coming to our local roads on 5 March


On Sunday 5 March, a thousand runners will take to the roads of Weybridge. The run is receiving widespread support locally as a community sporting event. The Weybridge 10K run starts at 9am and will follow a circular route taking in Walton Lane, Desborough Island, Cowey Sale, Oatlands Drive, Monument Hill, Baker Street, High Street and Thames Street. There are plans for an 'Race village' on the field by the Weybridge Health Club, with stalls … [Read more...]

Local concern at Parking Review recommendations

The long awaited Weybridge Parking Review recommendations have received mixed reactions locally, and disappointment at what was not covered. Here we give an overview of the parking issues, and draft reactions from PPDRA to the recommendations. When the Surrey County Council parking team presented its Weybridge Parking Review report of recommendations, and drawings to the Elmbridge local committee at its meeting of 27 June for initial approval, … [Read more...]

Broadwater Path one step away


SCHOOL DECISION DELAY Fourteen years of effort by local residents and councillors have gone into getting agreement and funding for the Broadwater Path, along the edge of Broadwater Lake. As well as being a magnificent facility for the community, the path will help ensure the future of the lake itself. But there is an unexpected last minute obstacle. Just as Surrey County Council was poised to complete formal dedication of Footpath 40 … [Read more...]

Walton Lane Environment Agency flood meeting

Residents of Walton Lane, Weybridge, have gained new insights into the Thames Scheme flood plans by talking directly with people working for the Environment Agency on modelling river flows and levels. A very informative meeting in Walton Lane on 25 April was attended by local residents, including PPDRA committee members Doug Myers and Miles Macleod. In the course of the meeting it was agreed that flows of specific alternatives to widening … [Read more...]

Flood Update — River Thames Scheme interim answers

Following questions from PPDRA about the predicted effects of the proposed River Thames flood diversion channels -- designed to discharge an additional 150 cubic metres of water per second back into the river at Weybridge -- the Environment Agency River Thames Scheme team has helpfully provided some interim answers.  See below. These are reassuring in some respects, but show that the updated flow modelling, drawing on recent new evidence, has … [Read more...]

Landmark Weybridge building at risk


A local landmark building in Church Walk, with a significant history as the first generating station for electric street lighting in England, is at risk. Its fanlight windows with elegant arched brickwork on three aspects are key visual features in the local street scene, as are its traditional proportions, and its courtyard with an open view to the River Wey. All these would be lost if the proposed new design as set out in planning … [Read more...]

Excavated basements — good or bad?


A planning application for an excavated basement in Oakdale road, Weybridge, has raised some significant questions and divided views.  Extending a house downwards has less impact on the street scene than a traditional extension, once completed. But the work of construction is a major undertaking that can disrupt local life for months. London Boroughs have found unexpected problems during basement construction, resulting in prolonged projects, … [Read more...]