Excavated basements — good or bad?

A planning application for an excavated basement in Oakdale road, Weybridge, has raised some significant questions and divided views.  Extending a house downwards has less impact on the street scene than a traditional extension, once completed. But the work of construction is a major undertaking that can disrupt local life for months.

London Boroughs have found unexpected problems during basement construction, resulting in prolonged projects, and substandard basements that leak and don’t live up to hopes. So they have tightened up on the requirements for granting consent, to ensure up front that the method of construction will be acceptable, in terms of impact during construction and the end result.

PPDRA feels that Elmbridge Borough Council should do the same.  Here is the letter we wrote to the Head of Town Planning.

2015-1095_18_Oakdale_Rd_basement_letter_p1 2015-1095_18_Oakdale_Rd_basement_letter_p2

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