School buys local Green Belt land

Aerial photo of St Georges Junior Land Purchase

St George’s Junior land purchase (in red)

St George’s Junior School has completed the purchase of the adjacent Green Belt land at Greenlands Farm — part of the remaining riverside farmland between Weybridge and Walton — which had been offered for sale as a ‘strategic development opportunity‘.

Ownership by the school looks to be a significantly better outcome, in terms of impact on our local community,  than the land being sold to a property developer or to someone interested in extracting the underlying mineral aggregate.

For the immediate future, the land will remain as grazing land.

St George’s has provided information about their new acquisition, and an informative set of answers to frequently asked questions. Download the details of the land purchase here.  While the extra land adds substantially to the estate of the school, the land purchase “is not expected to increase pupil numbers”.

The purchase includes the road leading to the Weybridge Health Club, and the lane linking to the school. This opens up possibilities for an additional access route to the school. The purchase also includes the source of the Engine River and a length of Broadwater, adjacent to the gardens of houses in Greenlands Road.


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