Surrey Flooding Task Group Report

Surrey County Council has released the findings and recommendations of its Flooding Task Group, which was commissioned by the Environment & Transport Select Committee to  investigate the impacts of the recent flood events that affected Surrey in December 2013 and early 2014.  The report focuses on areas most affected by floods, not mentioning Weybridge. Portmore Park & District residents may wish to consider local implications  of the recommendations.

The Task Group’s report and recommendations are:

a) Surrey County Council should lobby Central Government to change the powers of the Water Company regulators, such that proper investment in the drainage networks of the water companies can be directed, until such time as the Secretary of State is satisfied that those drainage networks fully comply with current standards.

b) The Environment Agency should be pressed to give strong consideration to a programme of selective, tactical dredging of specified areas of the Thames.

c) Surrey County Council should work with partner organisations to make significant improvements to the arrangements for communications in emergencies, and in particular to provide for communication structures between residents and the relevant authorities. Particular attention should be made for special arrangements in holiday periods.

d) Surrey County Council should work with all the Boroughs and Districts and with residents in the relevant areas to establish flood fora.

Download  FloodingTaskGroup-SCC-2014–FinalReport
Download FloodingTaskGroup-SCC-2014-Annexe1
Download FloodingTaskGroup-SCC-2014-Annexe2


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