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Walton Bridge Plans 2007-8

Latest news: Planning permission has now been granted by Surrey CC.  Read more...

The new plans for Walton Bridge were exhibited at The Heart shopping centre in September 2007, winning many positive comments. People are pleased at how much the Surrey CC Walton Bridge team have improved the design since the public inquiry:

  • Better junction: a simple priority 'T' junction instead of the previous oversized 'half clover-leaf' design for the Cowey Sale junction.
  • Smaller bridge: narrower arch span, height lowered by 5.8 metres (19 ft). The access road to Walton Marina is diverted behind the arch ‘legs’.
  • More green riverside space for public amenity. An 11 metre wide Thames Path below the bridge, separated from the marina access road. Disabled river-view parking spaces off the marina access road.
  • New ramps to the riverside from the existing viaduct, fully accessible to pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists, segregated from the road, plus a new bridleway to the south of the viaduct, towards New Zealand Ave.

A simulation of the proposed new bridge and junction

Make Cowey Sale a pedestrian-dominated zone

PP&DRA welcomes the new design, and would like to see some additional improvements, in keeping with its spirit:

1/ Cowey Sale becoming a pedestrian-dominated area, where traffic gives way to people, and children can safely cross the road. That means much better traffic calming than the five speed humps proposed. We would like ‘horizontal’ traffic calming, with alternating flow and a pedestrian crossing.

2/ A renewal of the guarantee that rat-run traffic along Walton Lane will be monitored and controlled effectively.

What are you thoughts?


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