Weybridge Parking Review – further local consultation

Residents of some roads in the area between Weybridge High Street and Portmore Park Road have been asked for further views on parking restrictions in their roads.  PPDRA is pleased to see that Surrey is consulting residents in these roads, as this is an area of particular parking stress, with very limited private off street parking and a high demand for spaces from shoppers and (where restrictions allow) workers.

PPDRA’s view has long been that Surrey should listen to the needs of residents of particular roads about restrictions in their road. We also believe that Weybridge needs more off-street parking, although this review does not appear to be addressing that strongly (but we await the report).

We understand that an aim of the Surrey County Council Parking Team in this review is to ensure that residents are able to park near their home, while also trying to allow the possibility of some short term parking for shoppers at times of day when spaces are available — overall seeking to reduce unnecessary restrictions so more on-street parking spaces are freed up.

There is an opportunity to give views online via the SCC website until 3 June via the Weybridge Parking Review page, which lists the specific roads they are interested in. The wording does not make it clear how SCC will process the views submitted by people who live in other roads.

The survey asks where you live, and how you find parking in your road. Then it asks about parking in Cedar Road, Elmgrove Road, Holstein Avenue and Oakdale Road, saying
The feedback we’ve had shows that currently, a lot of the roads with existing residents’ bays are not being fully occupied during the day, so we’re thinking of changing some or all of them from the existing ‘Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm, permit holders only’. Please let us know what you think about the following options.

It offers various options. The survey subsequently asks for views on introducing residents’ parking in other nearby roads — Dorchester Road, The Crescent, Gascgoine Road, Mount Pleasant, and St Albans Avenue — that do not currently have residents’ parking schemes, and whether you are a resident of one of those roads. It also has a general question about views on parking in our area.

Overall, it seems thoughtfully put together, and focused on specific local needs.

You can read more about the Weybridge Parking Review on the SCC website.

We understand that a report is due to be presented at the 27 June SCC Elmbridge Local Committee meeting.  This is scheduled for 4pm on 27 June 2016, in the Council Chamber at Elmbridge Civic Centre, Esher.

An agenda and copies of reports should be available a week before the meeting, on the SCC website Elmbridge Local Committee page


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