Weybridge parking review survey announced

scc weybridge parking review survey - Deadline 17 Jan 2016
Surrey County Council Parking team have now released information about the Weybridge Parking Review, and are asking stakeholders to give their views in an online survey.  Local residents, businesses and others with interest in local parking can contribute to the survey until 17 January, via the link included below. 

PPDRA is one of the organisations SCC list as a consultee.  Here is the text of the SCC email:

From: Adrian Harris On Behalf Of Parking
Sent: 22 December 2015 12:32
To: Parking
Subject: Weybridge parking review survey

Dear Sir / Madam,

Surrey County Council is currently undertaking a review of parking in Weybridge. This is part of a new approach agreed by the Local Committee for Elmbridge which involves taking a longer term, more strategic and detailed look at parking and not just reacting to problems that have been brought to our attention, which has been the case during reviews in the past few years.

We will focus on the following priorities:
•        Provide parking, if possible, where it is needed. This could include removing or amending existing restrictions.
•        Dealing with locations where there is a demonstrable safety problem.

At the same time, we will have to be careful to ensure that any schemes do not cause undue displacement and simply move problems elsewhere.

Overall the aim is to try and resolve some of the issues caused by the conflicting needs of different road users, without doing anything to affect the character and vitality of the community.

We are writing to you as a key stakeholder in order to gain some understanding of your priorities and suggestions.

As Highway Authority we are responsible for the parking restrictions and controls on the public highway. Elmbridge Borough Council own and manage the off street car parks in Elmbridge, carry out enforcement of on and off street car parks, and are the planning authority. As such, we will also need to work with them where possible and appropriate to achieve a joined up approach.

We have created a quick survey with some quite ‘broad brush’ questions, to help gather your views. If you could kindly complete the survey, by 17 January 2016 it will be really helpful for us. The link to the survey is available via our webpage below:

Kind regards,


Adrian Harris
Parking Strategy and Implementation Team
Surrey Highways
Tel: 0300 200 1003

For more information about what we do, please visit our Surrey Highways Website


UPDATE: An announcement of the Weybridge Parking Review has now been posted on the Surrey County Council website, which also gives a link to the results of the Cobham Parking Review in the Elmbridge Local Committee parking report.

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